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good golly, caitlin louise!
20 August 1986
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i'm cat.

- I'm 22 and i currently live in Woodland Ca.
- I work and live at pizza hut.
- I don't really like beer but I will drink it under the right circumstances. I'm more of a fruity drink sorta girl.
- I'm sort of a music snob. But I'm the kind of music snob who should be shunned from the rest of the music snobs because they caught me driving around town bumpin hollaback by gwen stefani. It's a fun song dammit! i like to spell!!!!!
- Yes, Starr is my real last name. :)
- I have three tattoos that you cant see if i wear a shirt. if you ask nicely, i'll show you.
- I love Harry Potter, and I'm not ashamed. Seriously, i want to get between those weasley twins
- I love infomercials and often have to stop myself from buying things that I don't need for two easy payments of 19.95.
- I like to drive around and talk and listen to music. i dont care where we end up.
- i have membership on suicidegirls.com. lets be friends there too.
- i love questionable content (webcomic) and pure luxe cosmetics.

I'm rad, you should IM me:
aol instant messenger: catag0g0
Yahoo: pseudomeow
MSN: pseudomeow@yahoo.com

RIP Arthur Mathew Markus. Prince of My heart. Love of my life.Brother of mine forever. Always. 1220.<3
July 26th 1989 - April 8th 2003
thirteen years too short.

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